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Published: 22nd OCTOBER 2021

Employing people with new perspectives to improve our work

We’re growing our team across Wales in a bid to get more people walking and cycling. Our transformational work in communities creates happier lives and healthier places for everyone. For us, this transformation starts from inside ߣߣƵ. Find out how from our new recruits.

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Our new employees tell us what new perspectives and skills they're bringing to the team at ߣߣƵ.

We support communities to develop amazing public spaces where people can connect to the things they need and each other.

But this work can only be done with the understanding and range of perspectives that we have here at ߣߣƵ.

Meet some of the newest members of our team and find out what they’re bringing to ߣߣƵ.

Alice Bailey, Support Officer

Alice Bailey has worked in the charity sector supporting organisations and individuals who work with children, young people and their families in Wales.

As a volunteer, she has worked extensively with both disabled and non-disabled children and young people, and has organised and delivered large events.

She is looking forward to bringing her experiences to ߣߣƵ as she believes that ߣߣƵ is committed to being part of the wider and diverse community.

New employee Alice Bailey
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As someone with limited mobility, ߣߣƵ’ work has made it easier and more accessible for me to walk and cycle. I feel lucky to support the work that will create that experience for others. I feel as though I have gained a lot from living in Wales the past two years and I am excited to be more involved in the local community. Blockquote quotation marks
Alice Bailey, Support Officer

Daniel Ebrahim, Technical Support Officer

Daniel Ebrahim has a degree in Architecture and was working with Oasis in Splott when he met someone who suggested that we would have roles to suit his skills.

Dani applied for a role with ߣߣƵ Cymru and now works in the Connected Communities team, supporting route audits and network mapping activities.

New employee Daniel Ebrahim
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If you want to know what charity means, ߣߣƵ is the best example. People are welcomed from all around the world to ߣߣƵ; you can find lots of good friends here, enjoy your working time with your colleagues, and learn a lot. Supportive people providing lots of opportunities and relevant training ensure you're satisfied with, and happy about, your role and your future; how amazing is it when your job is about making your city more liveable and supporting people!? Blockquote quotation marks
Daniel Ebrahim, Technical Support Officer

Tara Aisha, Technical Project Officer

Tara has worked in public transport and area planning, active travel network mapping and higher education institutions in Indonesia, Australia, Scotland, England and Wales.

She’s worked with local communities to research and deliver on collaborative and participatory design processes.

She aims to incorporate her professional and academic competence to tackle issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion in the built environment, particularly amongst minority and vulnerable groups.

She believes that ߣߣƵ Cymru has helped her and everyone speak their ideas into existence through different areas of expertise.

New employee Tara Aisha
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As a brown, visibly-Muslim woman, I have never felt this encouraged and empowered to be an active practitioner in an industry that is known to be white-male-dominated. ߣߣƵ, along with our partners, brings the positive atmosphere everyone needs in the workplace and wherever our events and projects take place. Blockquote quotation marks
Tara Aisha, Technical Project Officer

Ruth Stafford, Liveable Cities and Towns Officer

Ruth Stafford has worked in sustainable transport for community organisations and three local authorities.

She has also worked for charities, businesses and social enterprises in local food production, management and waste awareness.

Ruth has lived in many different places and is now settled on the edge of Newtown, near the village she grew up in.

She feels very strongly about health, education, environment and equality, and thinks that ߣߣƵ cares about and is working to improve these things.

New employee Ruth Stafford
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I am really proud to be ߣߣƵ' Liveable Cities and Towns Officer for Newtown, loaning out electric bikes to various people in and around Newtown for a month for free and seeing the difference this makes to people’s lives. Blockquote quotation marks
Ruth Stafford, Liveable Cities and Towns Officer

Become part of an innovative, dynamic team

Christine Boston, ߣߣƵ Cymru Director, said:

"We want more liveable places, made for everyone and enjoyed by everyone.

"It is fantastic to be able to grow the team in Wales.

"There is a big challenge ahead to respond to the threat of climate change and inspire more people to travel differently.

"We are very pleased to be able to bring in a range of new skills and perspectives, increasing our presence in communities and extending the support we can offer to those who need it most.

"There will continue to be opportunities to join our team and I would encourage anyone who is interested in our work, and would like to be part of an innovative and dynamic team, to get in touch and find out more.”

Extending our network of partners

As well as growing our team in Wales, we are also expanding the organisations we work with.

This will help us to challenge ourselves to improve the way we work and make more inclusive, equitable places.

We are doing more to ensure our work improves and prioritises people from communities which are disadvantaged, marginalised or oppressed.

Find out more about our opportunities in Wales and join the team.

Interested in working at ߣߣƵ? Check out our job vacancies.

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