Published: 10th JULY 2013

Do you need cycling insurance?

Cycling is associated with freedom from the constraints of other transport: no fuel costs, no congestion charge, no excise licence, so why the need to incur the cost of insurance?

people walking and on bikes using a road crossing in a city

Let's look at the facts.

Many people are disinclined to 'risk assess' situations or consider potential negatives, but the truth is that those of us who use their cycles daily as their main form of transport need to be aware of the risk of accident or theft.

In order for people to make the lifestyle choice to cycle, they need to feel safe and secure when doing so.

Check out our advice onroad safety for cyclistsand how tocheck your bike to make sure it's safe.

This feeling of security can be reinforced in many ways: by more cycle lanes and traffic calming measures, better safety equipment, improved facilities at work, and by knowing that if you have an accident, your bike is damaged or is stolen there is insurance in place to put you back on the road swiftly and with minimum fuss.

At, we recognise that we need to support cyclists and we are keen to see a much wider take up of insurance cover amongst commuting cyclists, which would ensure the price of cycle insurance continues come down.

A growing awareness amongst cyclists of the need for specialist cycle insurance has meant that prices have already begun to fall.

Home, rest or play

Standard household insurance covers your bike when it’s locked up at home, but often there is no cover at work or elsewhere. A specialist cycle policy ensures that, as long as you secure your cycle properly with an approved lock, if stolen it will be covered and you will be paid out.

Furthermore, if your bike breaks or you have an accident, a specialist cycle insurance policy will ensure that you and the cycle are rescued and you are provided with a replacement bike so you have a way of continuing to travel to work whilst your claim is resolved.

If you use your cycle under a 'cycle to work' scheme, it is very important that you have insurance as under most schemes, if your cycle is stolen and you are uninsured, you will still have to continue to pay the money back, even though you have lost your transport.

For an insurance policy which covers theft, roadside recovery, replacement cycle and cover if you cause an accident, as well as legal assistance should you need it, you should expect to pay approximately £60 per annum for a bicycle valued at £700.

As more people buy insurance, the price will reduce further.

We all benefit from cycling, and those of us involved in the industry need to work together to promote the whole package of measures that can improve and enhance the cycling experience for us all.

There are many cycle insurance options available and ߣߣƵ would advise people to consider which of these providers gives the appropriate level of cover and the best value.

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