Published: 11th SEPTEMBER 2023

Cargo cycle delivery: Must-have resources for safe riding

Cargo cycles are greener, healthier, and more efficient replacements for delivery vans. They play a vital role in reducing congestion and pollution in London. In this blog, we provide resources for riders working in the sector.

A woman rides a cargo cycle laden with boxes against the backdrop of a clear sky.

Access to the right resources can make conditions more manageable for cargo cycle delivery riders. Photo credit: Michael Kelly/ߣߣƵ

With online retail ever increasing (, it's no surprise that the demand for fast and reliable home deliveries is rising in parallel.

Considering how cargo freight can help reduce congestion, pollution, costs, and in our cities, it's essential that we support riders to ensure the sector keeps growing.

Cargo cycle riding advice and resources

We have collated the below resources to help support cargo bike delivery riders across London.

1. Cycling advice through the seasons

Read our tips on how to help make pedalling through the winter months comfortable, and guidance on how to keep cool during hot weather.

Winterproof your ride

A guide to cycling in the dark

11 tips for winter cycling

2. Clothing

Read our advice on how to carefully choose clothing and accessories to enhance your ride experience.

Bike accessories and clothing for all seasons

3. Mapping tools

Use the mapping tools below to find cycle routes, including segregated cycleways and quiet ways.

NCN - Find a route on the National Cycle Network

Komoot -

Cyclestreets -

4. Access to facilities while riding (London-specific)

Use the resources below for access to amenities such as water fountains and places for shelter to ensure that you stay hydrated and cool while riding.

Information and location of water fountains by borough -

Interactive map -

Spots to cool down -

Places to warm up -

5. Investing in a cargo bike

Enjoying cargo-riding that much that you’re thinking about investing in a cargo bike yourself? Here’s everything you need to know.

Cargo bikes for families - everything you need to know

6. Practicing safe cycling

To help professionalise the cargo bike logistics sector, the Bicycle Association is developing a national standard for cargo bike rider training, and UK Codes of Conduct for operators and riders.

and find out how you can have your say.

Healthy Street Officer Samuel Dillon with Bon Velo owner Karina Krause.

Cargo cycle deliveries reduce congestion, freeing up space and creating safer streets for walking and cycling. Photo credit: Bronwen Pickering/ߣߣƵ

Advocating for better conditions

Read more about the conditions within which cargo cycle delivery riders operate in our blog post on research by the Active Travel Academy at The University of Westminster. Here we outline steps that could be taken to support the growth of the cargo bike sector and how riders can advocate for better working conditions, based on experiences and working conditions of cargo riders in London.

You can read the full report and all the recommendations proposed by the study

Take a look at the latest research from ߣߣƵ and our partners in the cycling and walking sector.

Thinking about investing in a cargo bike yourself? Here's everything you need to know.

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