Published: 16th NOVEMBER 2020

Bobbin Canopy shines a light on local history

A Bobbin Canopy – a sky of lights and bobbins, cylinders used to hold thread - is shining a light on Dunfermline's history and encouraging people to visit local businesses safely during the pandemic.

The Bobbin Canopy is shining a light on Dunfermline's history.

Dunfermline’s history is lit up with the installation of a Bobbin Canopy – a sky of lights and bobbins, cylinders used to hold thread - on Bruce Street.

It’s hoped the installation will encourage more people to spend time in the area and safely visit local businesses during the pandemic.

And by creating a more vibrant street culture that reflects local history, drivers will be encouraged to slow down and give way for pedestrians.

Exploring local history

Developed by our Pocket Places programme, the Bobbin Canopy will reflect the impact the weaving industry has made to the town.

At the height of production, c1920, 7000 people were employed and an

Dunfermline’s past is woven into the street, thanks to support from Dunfermline Heritage Partnership and local businesses.

Creating liveable places

ߣߣƵ Scotland Senior Urban Designer, Rene Sommer Lindsay said:

“The Bobbin Canopy will light up Bruce Street and make it a more enjoyable place to spend time in and move through.

“We also hope this change to the street will encourage drivers to slow down on the narrow stretch of the street and give way for pedestrians who need space for physical distancing.

“Over the last few months, it’s never been more important to spend time in our local areas and support local businesses.

“We hope the local community enjoy this nod to its past, and the Bobbin Canopy will continue to shine a light on Dunfermline’s history.”

A greener recovery

A spokesperson from Fife Council said:

“Fife Council are delighted to support this project and thank ߣߣƵ for their expertise and funding.

“In tandem with the ongoing work of the Dunfermline Heritage Partnership, the Bobbin Canopy will hopefully encourage local people to explore the history of the area.

“The Canopy will bring something different and special to the town centre which will hopefully inspire the public to shop local safely to fuel coronavirus recovery.”

Chairof Dunfermline Heritage Partnership, Derek Bottom said:

“We are delighted to see this exciting project come to fruition especially in such challenging times.

“The textile industry has been synonymous with Dunfermline and Bruce Street.

"This creative project pays homage to the Dunfermline cultural story of the past 200 years and supports the continued vibrancy and development of this area of Dunfermline for the future.”

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