ߣߣƵ’ five steps to improve our neighbourhoods, health and the economy

We're calling for the next UK Government to put walking and cycling at the heart of its plans for a fairer, healthier future.

People want to walk, wheeland cycle more of their everyday journeys.

But inaccessible pavements, unsafe streets, poor links with public transport, and the costs of bike ownership are holding them back.

That’s bad news for people’s health, the places they live, and for our economy.

The next UK Government, in partnership with local leaders, could change that in just five steps.

Find out what you can do to help make it happen.

Front cover of the ߣߣƵ 2024 Election Manifesto.

Download our election manifesto

Read more about the five steps we're calling on the next UK government to take to make it easier for everyone to walk, wheel and cycle.

Download our manifesto.

Jakir, PE teacher from Tower Hamlets

If parents haven't had any cycle experience or training in their life then these fears around being on a bike naturally get passed down to their kids. Some parents don’t understand the benefits of cycling. And having a bike in the first place isn’t easy financially.

That's why training and also having fun on a bike is so important to do in those early years. It sets you up for life.

It’s so important schools keep encouraging and motivating kids and their parents to cycle and walk more.

Being active has such a positive impact on mental and physical health - which is beneficial for learning too.

What you can do

Do you want to ensure that the next UK Government commits to improving our neighbourhoods, health and the economy by making it easier to walk, wheel and cycle?

Get in touch with the candidates in your constituency.

Ask them to put walking and cycling at the heart of their plans for your area by pledging support for our five steps.

You can email them. You can Tweet, Instagram or Facebook them. You can even write them a letter or talk to them when they knock on your door. It all counts.

Find out who’s standing and how to contact them by entering your postcode .

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